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Anderson Creative Marketing of Lake of the Ozarks has a unique group of professionals, who can answer your questions on graphic design, marketing, advertising, budgeting, web site design, website hosting, email systems, advertising in print, on the radio and on television - just to list a few. Although, we might not have every field of expertise covered, our company is growing everyday and check back soon as we might have a new employee tomorrow that can answer your question. Please view the statement below the questionaire and our policies before asking any questions. Click below on Private Message to open a window to send a question to one of our employees!

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2 years ago Registrant said:   


2 years ago Registrant said:   


Time for community banks to embrace social media.

6 years ago Chris said:   

There has never been a more important time for community banks to embrace social media. Why? Customers are already very active on social media. Their activities include interaction with friends and businesses to gather information on buying and decisions. These interactions are at an increasing pace.

The daily viewers of Facebook, Linked In and Google Plus search like-minded friends and customers for help, information and interaction. They expect the opportunity to communicate with their small town community banks through the same social media. It comes down to be able to simply contact a bank when they are on Facebook for needs and then go back to interacting with their friends and family. All in one place.

The greater focus on customer service is what attracts many customers to community banks in the first place. Social media channels offer community banks another opportunity to demonstrate they are all about the customer.

Social media can allow community banks the opportunity to create an online community thus allowing banks to receive customer feedback in real time. It's a chance to interact with your bank's biggest fans and assure them you're listening.

Community banks generally don't have large marketing budgets. With the value of social media and the cost being time, they don't have to spend a lot to extend their reach.

Like any business would, community banks want a reputation of the highest standard. Participating in online conversations and directly addressing what is being said is a good image to present the public.

Call Anderson Creative Today to get a campaign started on your Social Media pages.


Helpful Statistics.

7 years ago Chris said:   

There are a lot of factors that come into play when marketing via Social Media or through email campaigns or online in general. Keep in mind, Whether you intend to reach more than your local market or not, your message is going out to the world if online. One of those factors is distribution of US population and who and when the possible client may see your message. 47% of the US population lives in the Eastern Time zone. While almost 33% live in the Central Time Zone. 5% in the Mountain, 14% in the Pacific and 0.6% in Alaska and Hawaii. Could come in handy while making your strategic plan. Just FYI. Interesting never the less.


Check out this interesting article on a comparison of Google + and Facebook!

7 years ago Chris said:   

Chris Anderson


Do you have any info on how people check their emails and what they use to check the emails (i.e. smartphone, desktop, ipod) ?

7 years ago Chris said:   

Mobile email use takes the Lead in a study

According to a recent study sampling one billion email users and done by Litmus, mobile has overtaken webmail and desktop email use. 36% of all emails are opened on a mobile device. Email use on mobile devices have increased 80% in the last six months.

Mobile use Litmus infographic

The report also confirms that iPhone has taken the number 1 spot in email client use, accounting for 20% of all email users. (Outlook hangs on at number 2 with 18% of all opens). Use of Android devices are up 250% and iPad use are up 167%.

Email Client Marketshare iPhone Outlook

Apple remains the clear leader in mobile email - 80% of all mobile email use are on an iPhone or iPad.

> View the Litmus Infographic

Source: Litmus


How are Mobile Phones Changing Social Media?

7 years ago Chris said:   

Check out this article and graphics for a good explanation.

How are Mobile Phones Changing Social Media?


I need some help with my social media marketing, Can you give me some pointers?

7 years ago Chris said:   

Lacking Social Media Focus?

It has been said, "Focus on just a few things you do really well - do those and the rest will fall into place". This tells us to focus on what we do well and we will be rewarded for the effort. It also says do not worry about all the rest. This is good advice, but what if those things that you do not focus on are just as important as what you do really well?

When it comes to marketing and public relations, most business owners put this into "the bucket" of "the rest will just fall into place". They are busy handling the daily operations of their business and there are not enough hours in the day to get to the bottom of the list much less "the bucket". If marketing comes up during the day it involves a salesperson from a specific media focused on that one product or media they do best. A salesperson, whose goal is to sell his or her product, does not understand your business as well as you do. So, what do you do? You hand over the marketing to a salesperson because of a lack of time, the lack of a well-formulated plan and the lack of funds to handle the important functions of a good public relations and marketing plan.

Today, more than ever before, Social Media, which is a combination of public relations and marketing, falls into "the bucket". And unlike the traditional media, it needs your focus. So, how do you get it accomplished?

I believe you need to have a good plan with a realistic goal, a budget, a person or persons able to handle the social media requirements and a timetable to complete the tasks that are crucial to the longevity of any business.

Here are a few steps and instructions on implementing a Social Media Campaign or Plan:

1) Create a task force of employees, hire a third party, unbiased consultant familiar with the ins and outs of your business like an advertising agency, gather a group of your closest, most reliable customers or ask for help from family and friends to create a Social Media plan of action. After all, social media is about building relationships, and whom better to ask than those with whom you have built relationships.

2) The plan should include and focus on building relationships, not the selling of products and services, since that will be the outcome but not the focus.

3) The plan should have a specific targeted audience. It should be focused on a targeted group of people who can give you a referral. The specific target audience you focus on, are going to be one of your best sources of referral for you.

4) The plan should have a list of valuable pieces of information and tools useful for the target audience. It should be helpful, instructional and intended to build relationships. Look at it as friendship building, not sales oriented.

5) The plan should include a budget focused on paying those assigned the task of communications to the target audience. The budget should also cover any other required expenses in association with the social media like membership dues, fees, press releases and purchasing images and design. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

6) The plan should have a timetable and a reasonable expectation of returns.

7) The plan should have a few outlets or media listed as a way to interact with the targeted audience. Like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and even email blasts or direct mail. But only tackle one or two of these and do them well. This will keep the budget low and will be easily tracked.

8) Measure the results. All plans should be detailed and have a way to clearly understand and track the results. After all, what better way to truly understand your investment?

This is a general overview of tackling the tasks of a marketing and public relations campaign through Social Media. For more help and instruction call me today at 573-365-5597.
Chris Anderson


I have a small business and I need help with my marketing. Can you give me some direction? Maybe some help with what not to do?

7 years ago Chris said:   

Seven Marketing Mistakes of Small Businesses.

Before you launch your next marketing campaign, whether online or offline, make sure to avoid some of the most common marketing mistakes.

1. Failure to write a powerful headline.

Whether you're writing a newspaper ad, email message or press release, you must create a powerful headline. Spending the time to research and get to really know your customer is the most important part. I think that your headline is the most important part of your ad. If you know your customer then you will be able to come up with the right attractive headline. Like cheese for mice. It is absolutely essential that you draw your prospective customer or client into your ad and keep them interested in what you have to offer.

2. Absence of an irresistible offer and benefits.

In marketing, 40% of the response that you receive from your prospects is directly related to your offer. In today's competitive marketplace, you need to present your client or customer with an offer that they simply can't resist. Offers can range from discounts to offering a free product or service, but the fact remains that if you have an irresistible offer, people will respond. Secondly, you have to clearly explain the benefits of your product or service. This can be in comparison to competitors or solving a need or want of your prospective client or customer.

3. A weak or non-existent call to action.

Every single time you create an ad, you want to direct your prospective client or customer to take a specific action. This action can be to call a toll-free number, visit a website or visit your place of business to place an order. If you fail to tell your prospect exactly what you want them to do, they won't do anything. Take your prospect by the hand and show them what they need to do next in order to guide them through your sales process.

4. An inadequate list of customers or potential clients.

Even if you have the best product since sliced bread, you need highly targeted and responsive customers or prospective clients. This can be accomplished by building a list of customers. There are dozens of tools that allow you to build a list quickly and efficiently. The best way to accomplish this is by asking prospects to supply you with their name and email in exchange for your irresistible free offer or newsletter full of helpful information. Most businesses agree that growing a list is perhaps one of the most important jobs for any small business.

5. Relying on one marketing message or ad.

On average, consumers are exposed to over 4,000 marketing messages every day. Recent research suggests that your clients and customers will need to see your marketing message between seven and twelve times before they even take notice. That means you can never rely on sending one message or ad to your prospects; instead, you need to send repeated messages or ads to them over and over again. Decide how you will deliver your message or ad and then make sure to develop and continue a relationship with your prospect in an ongoing process.

6. Failure to measure campaign effectiveness.

There are literally hundreds of ways to market your small business. Over time, you'll most likely tap into dozens of these marketing platforms. However, it is absolutely vital that you take time to measure the effectiveness of your various marketing campaigns. This can be done with a simple spreadsheet or plan of gathering information on how the customer found your business. This could be a follow up survey. No matter how you measure your marketing, you must understand what is working and what is not working so that you can be extremely effective. You can save money and even make money if you implement this as a part of your marketing plans. Let's face it, how do you know where you are going if you don't know wher you have been. This is a must.

7. Not communicating with your current customers.

It's vital to provide ongoing communication with your current customer base. You've spent valuable time and money acquiring new customers. Moreover, at least 20% of your current customers will purchase from you again. Make sure that you communicate with your customers on a regular basis, solicit their feedback and provide value to them over the long-term. This will help build your small business over time. This can be done through Facebook, a newsletter, email, and even a Birthday or Thank you card. Your current customers can even be a source of new potential clients. So let's not forget them.

Whether you are a brand new small business owner or an established veteran, it's essential to avoid these most common marketing mistakes. To be successful over time, you must continually work to improve your marketing effectiveness. If you do, your business can grow with ease.

One last thought, market where your young customers are spending time. Research shows that 35% of people under 29 (and 14% over 29) use Twitter to find discounts and promotions. Posting a discount or offer for your Twitter followers could help create new sales and keep your business top of mind. And Facebook reaches over 17 million U.S. people under 29 regularly. But it is important that you get help with marketing on Facebook. It is all about public relations not so much ads when marketing here. Get some help. I am available Monday through Friday. Call me 573-365-5597.


What is my best advertising value, today?

7 years ago Chris said:   

If radio is the Theater of the Mind and outdoor advertising is the Candy of the Eye and cable is the Appetizer and direct mail is a sack of Lollipops and today print is the First Course -then Website Advertising is the Whole Delicious Thanksgiving Dinner at a discounted price! Get true value and have your website designed by Anderson Creative.


What are QR Codes?

8 years ago Chris said:   

Answer Coming Soon!


Does Anderson Creative Marketing design logos?

8 years ago Chris said:   

The logo is the first impression, a image or picture that will represent and identifies your company. Like the saying "A picture is worth a thousand words" describes a logo.

When you ask us to design a logo, we set up a meeting with you to go over any thoughts, ideas or images you would like to incorporate into your logo. We do some research and design three logo specs from scratch - all original designs! We proof these designs and narrow it down to a final design. Then we provide you the final logo in various formats to use in various media.

There are a few important details to planning, designing and using a logo.

Keep in mind that your logo is your image or the face of your business and your logo should be presented exactly the same in whatever media you choose to advertise in. Too many different images/faces tends to confuse the general public and will work against you.

Secondly, a logo design should be readable or viewable in various sizes. In other words, keep it simple and readable.

And one last thought, make sure the logo design correctly represents what you do.

For more information and help, please call me today at 573-365-5597.

Make it a great day,
Chris Anderson


What is the difference between a logo, branding, advertising, marketing and promotions?

8 years ago Chris said:   

Although, it would seem obvious, it is worth revisiting as the definitions evolve online and in the real world.

Call it an icon or call it a logo, a company’s logo is often the most visual connection anyone has with a product or company. In the world of social media (ie.. Facebook or Twitter) a logo is actually a person’s avatar, or profile photo. It carries the same weight and serves the same purpose as a company logo. Through repeated impressions, the audience makes a visual connection with the logo. Logos are usually part of an overall "graphic language". A logo should be the result of market research. If there is an image or graphic part of the logo make sure it represents what your company or product does or is. Colors are a crucial part of the logo design. The same can be said about tag lines.

The word is becoming overused, especially online. Branding is the collection of all things an audience will experience, and how all the brand elements work together. For company’s the logo(s), color palette, photo style, typeface, tag line, brand message, placement, treatment or any other connection the audience has defines the brand. Personal branding uses the same ideas, but it becomes more personal. An individual’s Twitter profile, avatar, background, tweets, etc… accomplish the same thing. The goal is to be consistent. Strong brands like UPS or Coke are strong brands through consistent use of brand elements. Through consistency, trust is established. Take a look at how your favorite company or product represents itself and try to incorporate some of their systems of branding into your branding campaign. The branding is pretty clear but you should visit it with a professional to get a third party perspective and good advice.

Advertising builds brand awareness. Traditional advertising channels such as television, radio or print can be effective, especially when complimented online and in social media. Targeting your customer in the correct media, providing good visual representation of your services and products and consistency are the keys to success. Getting in touch with a good third party agency can help you formulate a good budget and plan of action to keep you on track and stay in budget.

Public Relations and Marketing are the important tools a company or individual does to communicate all the benefits of the product (or service). There’s usually a strategy or marketing plan to utilize everything available (direct mail, online, radio, television, print, twitter, point of purchase, packaging, promotions, new releases). The plan is to communicate a consistent message across all mediums.

Marketing and public relations are all about creating "buzz". There’s an art to engaging media to get articles published and to get someone else to talk about you or your product. Recently, Twitter and Facebook are hot additions to any marketing plan, and many businesses who are successful at building their online influence will create strong personal "brands" by creating buzz and being consistent. Another way promote is by doing actual trials or giveaways of your product!

This is a part of the marketing mix that is designed to specifically change consumer behavior by presenting extra benefits. Benefits like coupons, rebates or special events can create a response that impacts the brand positively. Better yet, good promotions will help consumers perceive one brand as being better than competition. An example might be by showing how this product is all natural in comparison to a competitors product..

It’s a new world and social media is approaching critical mass. New companies are using the right channels. Individuals wishing to build their personal brand have all the tools available at their local advertising agency. Hopefully this will help.
Have a point of difference. Be consistent.

Make it a great day,
Chris Anderson

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